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Nicolos Anagnostatos
Pontou 26, 16563 ΚIFISSIA
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Kifissia, 20th August 2012
Jean Claude Yuncker Esq.,
 President of Eurogroup,

Subject: The visit to Greece, as a clear and prudent mind, will equip you with
               well based arguments to change the EuroZone leaders attitude

Dear Mr Yuncker,
            With all due respect, I am addressing to yourgoodself as one of the few, if not the only one, within the EuroZone, who thinks and expresses prudently and realistically. With the opportunity of your visiting Greece, , we all Greeks expect and hope that you will act as a catalytic to dissolve the confusion, to say it gently, that prevail in the EuroZone, with dominant role of Mrs Merkel, to find a mutually agreed solution in helping Greece to overcome the difficult, if not the destructive situation.  
            On the basis that we belong to a supposed United Europe, no member-state of this union, is allowed to face another member-sate in a hostile way. We therefore expect you to convince every other member-state and more in particular Germany, to change their attitude completely and to treat us as a part of this union, as partner, in same way as it should have treated a province of its own Country.
            This is the way that EuroZone should work, operate and act. Otherwise no one can allege that is a member of the E.U. and there is no reason the EuroZone to exist, except as a channel to promote its products free of tax, something which is unfair and even immoral.  We all must be sincere and true. We all have to declare if we wish to have the E.U. in a proper way or to dissolve it and each Country to undertake its destiny the best way it can. This may be worse that the present and even unstable situation, however we will gain at least our pride and independence, instead of allowing anyone to blame Greece and treat us as beggers.
            In case on the other hand, you really wish to work an operate within the meaning of the E.U., everybody should understand that the austerity measures that you are imposing us, will only deteriorate the situation in all aspects and constructive measures should be followed.
            In my last letter to the EuroZone leaders, which I attach it hereby for your easy reference, I have made the following proposals, which to my opinion, are correct, honest and feasible to improve the situation:

1.- Extend the time to reduce the deficit to five years, instead of two which is deadly.
2.- The E.C.B. undertake the responsibility to provide us with the loan that you have approved, with an interest the same as the one they charge the Banks, i.e. max 1%. If the E.C.B is not authorized for such an action, you should take the necessary steps to give it the authorization needed.
3.- Nullify our contribution and use the E.U. ESPA fund, until the crisis exists, to jumpstart development and growth.

Since we all know by now that the target is the Euro, which is very vulnerable, due to its design, in order to prevent the collapse of the EuroZone, we should proceed the soonest possible with pioneering and courageous measures. Apart of the economic and political unification of the Euro zone, the most successful movement, if at all possible, is the ECB to buy in the secondary market, gradually all debts/bonds of the economically weak countries’, charging 1% interest and each respective country and to repay it according to its ability. In such a way, no one can impose any press on our economies and we can calmly program our development and the growth of our N.G.P., so that to enable us to repay our debts/loans in time.
I welcome you in Greece and I am sure this visit to our glorious country, will equip you with well based arguments to change the climate and consequently the decisions of the EuroZone Leaders.
Thank you for your attention. Anxiously looking forward to a positive feedback.


            Nicos Anagnostatos

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