Saturday, June 9, 2012

Reaffirmation of the need for the immediate unification of the Eurozone.

Νιcolaos Αnagnostatos
Pontou 26, 16563 Κifisia
Τηλ.: 210 6255563/6944 618180
            Khfissia, 9th June 2012

  1. Jose-Manuel Barroso – President of European Commission
  2. Van Rompuy – President of European Counsel
  3. Jean Claude Yuncker – President of Eurogroup
  4. Mario Draghi – Governor of E.C.B.

 I.-  Governments of Eurozone Member States
       II.- President of European Parliament Mr Schultz
       III. Greek Members of European Parliament
       IV.- Press

SubjectReaffirmation of the need for the immediate unification of the    Eurozone.

Re: My letters of

            With great pleasure and satisfaction, we are informed that you all talk about the economic unification, in the first stage, followed by a complete political unification of the Eurozone as a confederation of equal states – members.
            Pleasure on one hand, because finally you would proceed with the most important change in history of Europe, which constitutes the vision and the highest goal of the European and the E.U. people. Satisfaction on the other hand, because I feel that I have contributed, even if slightly, with my persistent letters promoting the great vision of the European people.
            Very rightfully Mr Rajoy rejects the participation of the IMF in the help mechanism in the same way as in Greece, appealing to the solidarity of the Eurozone members. Spain repsesents a large share of the Eurozone and  he can demand solutions.
            With the substantial unification of the Eurozone, the IMF has no place and the outside factors, rating houses etc., will have neither power nor influence anymore. In particular, when the E.C.B. undertakes the whole financial system, the Eurozone will become more or less autonomous. Therefore in the next session of the Eurozone leaders on the 28th - 29th of June, you should, by all means, decide for the unification.
            One thing however that made me anxious if not furious as a Greek, is the intention of Mrs Merkel to keep Greece out of the Eurozone, as an exemplary punishment, due to not following the terms of the Memorandum. Frau Merkel has not taken into consideration that Spain was first in line to be attacked by those whose target was the Euro, and the small Greece simply became an offering, like the ancient Ifigenia, to the  IMF by an incapable, if not worse, politician. Due to this unexpected, untimely, unreasonable and not negotiated Memorandum, the Greek people are nearly starving, the enterprises are closing down one after the other and the unemployment rate is rising by the day. Is this not punishment enough?
            I often wonder why it is that Frau Merkel dominates, if not oppresses, the whole of Europe and all of you just obey. Germany might be the strongest economy, but this does not give Frau Merkel the right to dictate her will on the rest of you. No to mention that at least part of her strength is by not promoting the unification, as she owes, in violation of he E.U. rules, enlisting at the same time the poor eastern countries into the E.U., for the sole purpose of acquiring tax-free markets for their products. It is time for all of you to react, if you feel equals, for the sake of the common goals and destiny of the E.U. and take the proper decisions, which in the long run will prove beneficial even for Germany.
            How can one even consider a Europe without Greece? Greece was the one who inspired Europe, its civilization, its democracy and even gave it the name. For this reason alone we deserve some respect and esteem. With a little exaggeration, one could say that Europe belongs to Greece and not Greece to Europe!
            Germany however, I dare say, is the last with the right to go against Greece as it owes Greece, at least part of its prosperity, by not paying back the loan it took during the occupation, not to mention the war compensations that every other country has received, giving the destroyed country right after the war, the time needed to recover and prosper. In return we received Aphrodite’s middle finger. I do not want to believe, as some people say, that they are taking vengeance on Greeks, subconsciously perhaps, considering us responsible for loosing the war, nor that a good market for military armaments will be lost, since after the unification the safeguarding for the frontiers will be transferred to E.U.
            Every leader of the Eurozone and state-member should confer with soberness, responsibility, decisiveness and the necessary solidarity and hasten the complete unification, gradually but with a specific time table and obviously support Greece in its revival within the Eurozone. We can begin by urging e.g. the Germans to spend their vacation in the sun blasted Greek islands and enjoy our blue seashores,  keeping in mind that the Greek people are always hospitable and friendly to all visitors.
            I understand that I may have been abrupt, but sincere and that my views are within the ideals and vision of Europe, for the benefit of her people.

            Sincerely yours
            Nicos Anagnostatos

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