Friday, February 10, 2012

OPEN LETTER to Eurozone Leaders

Kifissia, 10th February 2012
To: 1.- Jose-Manuel Barrozo Esq.– President ofCommission
       2.- Van Rompuy – President of European Counsel
       3.-Jean Claude Yuncker – President of Eurogroup
      4.- Mario Draghi – Governor of E.C.B..
      5.- Ang. Merkel – Chancellor of Germany
      6.- Nic. Sarcozy  President of France
Κοιν/ση: – ΈGreek Prime Minister
               – Greek Political Parties 
   – Greek Memers of Greek & European Parliament
Subject: Moratorium Five / Ten Υears instead of PSI and more Loans.
Dear Messrs European Leaders,
With all due respect, allow me to address to you for another time, as an ordinaryGreek citizen, who closely follows the events, cares for our future and worries for the consequences.
A fundamental way to start this letter, is to remind you that, apart of being partners and perhaps friends, we are all passengers on the same boat and therefore we have to face the storm that we have come across, together with prudency and solidarity, with practical and constructive measures, measures which apart of the effectiveness, should prove the mutual interest as a solid group of countries.
Allow me to comment that the austere and painful measures you are imposing us so far, are not effective at all, consequently useless and on top make us miserable, comparable only with the period of occupation in 1941-45. Thus you are giving the impression that you do not care for the Greek people, with complete lack of solidarity and partnership. We all hope that the appearance is wrong, false and misinterpreted.
In my opinion, there are two alternatives for the Euro-Zone to establish a strong, reliable and effective union, as it was agreed and were the ideals of all of us. As Jean Mannet saw the vision and dreamed by Robert Schuman.
A’ The monetary issue.
One of the adverse consequences that the economic crisis created, was that “we placed the coach in front of the horse”, as we say here. The money, as a rule, reflects the economy of the Country and it is also used as a tool, in the hands of a prudent Government, to regulate the economic and social prevailing circumstances.The Euro, the money of the Euro-Zone, who’s Country economy reflects? Once the economy of Euro-Zone is not unified, the Euro is money without foundation, is money in the air and as such, I ‘m afraid that it will not last for long, if the Euro-Zone will not be reformed. If we all want to strengthen the Euro-Zone and the Euro to survive, we must proceed to the economic unification, in a way to have one Country.  One of the duties of such a unified Euro-Zone, is to stabilize the economy of each Country and regulate the measures, so as all countries to be raised economically.
Kindly think about it and hopefully act accordingly.
B’ Economic problem of Greece.
If the solution of the monetary issue cannot be solved overnight, the economic problem of Greece, could be faced in a rather short time, if we all act prudently and practically. As I stated above, The economic problem of Greece, will only be worsening by taking new loans to repay the previous ones and increasing thus the debt, which under no circumstances will be manageable, whilst at the same time making miserable the Greek people, smashing the society and loosing even our sovereignty.
We all claim that we need economic growth which cannot be achieved with restrictive measures.   A precondition for economic growth is to have tranquility to plan and reorganize the Country’s economy. Such tranquility can be achieved by sending back all loans’ obligations.
Therefore, instead of trying to convince the lenders to haircut their loans by 50% or more, ask them to:
implement an interest-free moratorium for five or ten years.
In this way we will have time to re-organize and restart our economy, to creat growth and primary surpluses, which will allow us to plan the repayment of our loans.
This proposal can be done immediately, will stop all frictions and a new era will start for Europe and Greece.
Thank you for your attention
Yours faithfully
            Nicos Anagnostatos

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