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Nicolos Anagnostatos
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Kifissia, 2nd July 2012

  1. Jose-Manuel Barroso – President of European Commission
  2. Van Rompuy – President of European Counsel
  3. Jean Claude Yuncker – President of Eurogroup
  4. Mario Draghi – Governor of E.C.B.
 I.-  Governments of Euro zone Member States
 II.- President of European Parliament Mr Schultz
 III. Greek Members of European Parliament
 IV.- Press

Subject: Proposals to face the crisis.

Dear European Leaders,
Judging from the position you all possess dear Gentlemen you must have an I.Q. well above average. I state this because it takes no more than the average and even without special economic knowledge to understand that with these continuous austerity measures you are imposing onto our country will never succeed and, on the contrary, the depression will deepen, the income will lessen and the unemployment will increase, with the fear for an uprising not being unreasonable.

The obvious question that arises then is why you all insist on such wrong measures. Some rhetoric questions are: Have we done you something wrong and you take revenge? Do you actually hate us? Are you looking to destroy us completely? You know very well that with such austerity measures and without any sign of development, we cannot even breath, we only eat our flesh, which is not unlimited. Is this what you are aiming at?

In a group of countries, supposed to be united with common interests and fate, such questions have no place and cannot exist. The solidarity should be the only prevailing attitude. One should help the other overcome the present difficulties. Is it not so?

The fact that we have a rather large deficit, deriving from spending more than we earn, is a correct reason for us to take all necessary steps to minimize and even nullify the deficit. However, apart from the fact that due to the wrong thoughts and decisions of our former Prime Minister, who did his best in rushing to the Troika’s jaws and signing a severe (to say the least) memorandum with the most possible wrong terms, without even reading it, it was revealed that quite a number of the Euro zone members are in the same situation.

Therefore it is imperative to change the recipe, in order to achieve the necessary goals in a milder way, in a human way in periods of peace, that the people can afford.

What should be done, in my opinion, which is feasible, and carries hope to achieve, is the following, unless you have something better to propose:

1.- Extend the time to reduce the deficit to five years, instead of two which is deadly.
2.- The E.C.B. undertake the responsibility to provide us with the loan that you have approved, with an interest the same as the one they charge the Banks, i.e. max 1%. If the E.C.B is not authorized for such an action, you should take the necessary steps to give it the authorization needed.
3.- Nullify our contribution and use the E.U. ESPA fund, until the crisis exists, to jumpstart development and growth.

In my previous letters, I have pointed out that the target is the Euro, which is very vulnerable, due to its design. Therefore, in order to prevent the Euro zone collapse, you should proceed the soonest possible with the economic and political unification of the Euro zone, so that we can face the attack in a common front. Of course, similar central development programs for all countries that have economic problems should be studied. The most successful movement, if at all possible, is the ECB to buy in the secondary market, gradually all debts of the economically weak countries’, charging 1% interest and each respective country to repay according to its ability.
Germany, on the other hand, which most of the times dominates the Euro group and dictates its decisions, should change its attitude, keeping in mind that in the end we either all win or we all lose.
Thank you for your attention. Anxiously looking forward to a positive feedback.


            Nicos Anagnostatos

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  1. Κατά την ταπεινή άποψη μου, η κάθε ευγενής και ανιδιοτελής προσπάθεια έχει σημαντική αξία ανεξάρτητα από τα αποτελέσματα της.
    Η προσπάθεια σου φίλε Νίκο είναι και ευγενής και ανιδιοτελής.
    Δημοσθένης Κυριαζής