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Nikos Anagnostatos
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                                                                                  Kifissia, November 6, 2014
To: Jean Claude Juncker Esq.
President of the Commission

Honorable President of  the Commission,
Dear Mr. Juncker,

Congratulations on your election to this important and decisive for the EU office of President of the Commission and I wish you every success in your difficult task. Difficult because the EU has serious problems to deal with and even each Member State thinks and acts according to its own narrow interests, as there is no convention and prospect of United Europe, so as the problems to be, or should be, common and decisions and actions to be mutual. I am sure you will succeed because, as far as I can judge from the long-standing policy your path that I attended, you are determined to apply the reasons and considerations on which the EU is founded, under which were compiled the Conditions for EU and operation of the EU Conventions, which are largely inactive and the time has come, we hope, to implement them with your own dynamic initiative, which is also part of your duties.

The EU therefore expects a lot from you, and we in Greece expect your support to get through the tough times we are going through and for which we are not the sole responsible. We know you love Greece as we love you, because you appreciate the very important contribution to our humanity with our culture, philosophy. democracy and even the arts.

The diversion of our economy was our responsibility and we certainly had an obligation to restore. Only the recipe which was imposed us by the Commission, the ECB and the IMF, was excessive, as if given an overdose of the drug to a patient to be treated quickly with the risk of dying. In any case we certainly managed to survive, but without avoiding the effects of the overdose of the drug that has been delivered to us and I'm afraid you still ask us to follow.

Consequences of this austere policy is one and a half million unemployed and their families are surviving on the rations of the church and the municipalities, hundreds of companies went bankrupt or closed, without eliminating the risk of closing and the rest. We achieved a primary surplus with these bloody efforts and I believe that it's time to relax the hard, cruel and inhuman measures, in order not to dissolve us completely as a society and as a state. We hope that you agree with us and that you will protect us.

The first is an absolute need to be done, is not to use these bloody surpluses to pay interest or principal repayments, so that we can recover, to achieve a healthy surplus and be able thus to repay our obligations. It is therefore necessary to freeze our obligations for at least five years, with a low interest rate and this you can achieve by convincing the ECB and even the IMF for its necessity which will be in favor for all . The next support we need from you is, in the December session of the Eurogroup. that will be discussed the manageability of our debt, after a haircut try and fail, to lengthen the debt for 50 or better for 70 years with an interest

rate that the ECB charges the national banks. These are the main economic problems that should be fixed.

Apart from the economics, unfortunately we have national issues with the "absurd" to say it politely, our neighbors:
-We have Albania, which survived for the sake of the money of the smuggled immigrants who entered our country and now Albanians are no longer hungry, acting like a big shot and the EU whistles casually instead of putting them in their place. We look forward to do it yourself.
-We have Skopje who “loved” the glory of our Macedonia and dreamed that they might be called Macedonians, those who came to the area as Slavs thousand years after Alexander the Great and a strong Macedonia and we have many EU Member States, with  Germany in leading role, to discuss this beyond any historical ground and EU does not close their mouth immediately in order to stop their absurdity. We look forward to take the necessary steps in order Skopje to land to the reality, even for their own benefit.
-Finally and most importantly, we have Turkey to behave like a Sultan, provoking us every day in the Aegean and now questioning the EEZ of Cyprus with dangerous actions that can cause inflammation in that sensitive area and the EU not taking a strong decisive position. EU should  shout to Turkey that the borders of Greece and Cyprus are EU borders and that they have to do with EU and not with Greece or Cyprus. We expect to intervene dynamically activating and Article 42 of the Convention on European Union to stop their showing off and these political games, even EU members states.

Mr Junker, confirm the duties and responsibilities of your post to those who have not realized them so far and apply conditions of the Conventions with a view to completing the unification of EU. Be sure it will be appreciated by all and you will  recognized in history as the most dynamic and effective Chairman of Commission.

I would consider it a great honor if you reply me and above all to indicate me where I am wrong or exaggerated to make my self-criticism and self-restraint in the future.
With great appreciation and love

Nikos Anagnostatos 

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