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To the EU principal leaders Messrs Jean-Claude Juncker and Mario Draghi,
President of the Commission and President of the ECB respectively,

Honorable Presidents of the Commission and the ECB,
Dear  Messrs Juncker and Draghi,

I am sounding the alarm about the Eurozone that with Greece as a crowbar, some people want to dissolve the Eurozone and therefore you have an obligation to act for the cancellation of this prospect. Really don’t you see that this economic crisis has been created to dissolve the Eurozone? It is not possible that it is obvious to to me, an ordinary Greek citizen, and to escape from you! It does not bother you or can you not prevent it?

At any rate, you can not tolerate damaging Greece, either as a means of dissolving the Eurozone or not! We may be blamed for a lot and by all means we had to take measures, hard perhaps, but not exhausting. Everything has a limit beyond which the patient is not cured but is murdered. This is demanded by the Troika at your authorization I assume, and it is criminal if you insist!

Sor far we have 1.5 million people unemployed, hundreds of thousands of businesses have been closed down and others are struggling not to close too, thousands of people survive on the rations of the church and of the municipalities, the salaries and pensions for those who have this privilege, have been reduced in half and most Greeks can not meet the payment of their taxes and other obligations, and those who can, they pay with blood and tears.

But the blood ends and with it we are ending as well! Is this what you want? What you are after? Is it possible? You, our partners, our friends playing such games against us for any reason? Stop asking more blood and let us breathe, let us live and strive to recover! Then we will be able to repay our debt and obligations.

For God's sake come to your senses! Stop the ruthless criminal tactics! Give appropriate instructions to Troika to stop the senseless and largely unattainable requirements, at least with respect to wages and pensions.

Discuss it with the Eurogroup on December 8 and I am sure everyone will understand the enormous sacrifices of the Greek people, which objectively cannot continue without tragic consequences and make the right decisions, even persuading Germany to come to its senses!

Yours sincerely
Nicolaos Anagnostatos

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