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                                                                                  Kifissia, December 12, 2014


To: Mr Jean Claude Juncker, President of the Commission
Cc : Mr. Mario Draghi, President of the ECB

Honorable Mr Juncker,

I listened with great interest and surprise on  your views on the probable elections in Greece and I wondered why you  did not act reasonably to the Government in time and left it at the mercy of developments for which you seem to worry, for which you have the greatest responsibility.

Why  have  you not respected the agreement in principle to find a satisfactory solution for our large debt? Wasn’t this agreed? Why didnt  you?
Why do you ask more and more blood from the Greek society and especially without being so necessary? We realize that the primary surplus generated by blood and tears, beyond that this is unfair, it is still-born?  While, if you agree to suspend any of our debt obligations for at least five years, we will be able to recover and create healthy primary surpluses, and so we can fullfill our debt obligations without suffering and poverty, particularly if our debti is properly configured.

If the above essential, were done, the political climate would had been completely different, the deputies and the Greek society would have been satisfied with promising prospects and would eliminate any fears that are expressed now.

Even now, the last moment, you may hold an emergency  Eurogroup, taking the right decision on the above basis and to issue a strong and unequivocal statement, chances are the political climate to change radically.

Mr President, we are awaiting.

Yours sincerely
Nicolaos Anagnostatos

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