Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Η αλληλογραφία του Νίκου Αναγνωστάτου με την ΕΕ συνεχίζεται…

Η αλληλογραφία του Νίκου Αναγνωστάτου με την ΕΕ συνεχίζεται…

Αναρτήθηκε από τον/την olympiada στο Οκτωβρίου 4, 2011

Δείτε την απάντηση (κλικ στην εικόνα) και την ανταπάντηση του Νίκου Αναγνωστάτου στην συνέχεια του άρθρου.
Directorate General,
Economic and Financial Affairs,
Attention: Mr Jakob Wegener Friis
 Assistant to Director – General
Subject: Your e-mail of 29/9/2011 and attached letter
Dear Mr Friis,
Thank you for your e-mail and I appreciate very much that you took the time the time to write me.
I looked at the latest report on Greece that you recommended and obviously I was already aware of it since I follow closely the developments. The crux of the issue, in my opinion, is the way the E.U. is operating, which does not fitting to a union of equal states. The stronger countries are exploiting the weaker ones, considering them as good tax free markets where they can easily sell their products, whereas they should be taken measures to develop them..
We in Greece, have been induced with the brilliant European products and so we overburdened our debts, benefiting thus the strong European countries, especially Germany. At the same time the German people are protesting that Germany is lending us money, not  for free but with interest above of what they borrow themselves. As you may know, the strong Euro does not allow us to become competitive and consequently we have to borrow money in order to cover our deficit . Probably it was a mistake that we entered into the Euro zone.
Another serious sore that we face, is the defense expenses. We are spending more than 5% of our G.D.P. to defend our borders, which in fact are the E.U. borders and it is E.U.’s obligation to defend them and bear the expenses. Instead the same strong countries are pressing us to buy their weapons. The weaker countries are reluctant, if not scared to raise such issues in front of the strong countries. In the same way we are reluctant to demand the money Germany owes us from the forced loan they have taken during the occupation of Greece, which together with the war compensations, are way above the whole of Greece’s debt. If you, however, agree with my views, even now, it is not too late for the Commission to take an initiative for the E.U. to undertake the defense of its borders. This will be an actual positive gesture towards Greece, especially during these difficult times for us.

Due to the above reasons and also for economic mistakes we Greeks and our Governments have made, the present debt is huge and under no circumstances could it ever be repaid. Consequently, all the severe measures that the “Troika” is imposing on us, will never improve the economy but on the contrary will make us poorer and poorer, with the depression deepening and at the same time we are asked to sell out our national properties at debasing prices, which for us Greeks constitutes treason.
Unless this was the ultimate pursuit, the E.U., without the IMF, must take pioneering decisions to resolve the economic problem from its root, as a whole in the Euro group. The Eurobond at this late stage, in my opinion is not useful for a fundamental solution any more. I will insist on my proposal that the European Central Bank (ECD), buy from the secondary market ALL THE BONDS of ALL THE EURO GROUP COUNTRIES, at even less than 50% of the nominal value and in this way the CDS cannot be activated. The ECB will charge each country with 1% interest or what it charges the Banks and each country will repay its portion according to its economic ability.
At the same time, a Common Economic and Financial Department, a kind of a Common Ministry of Economics, should be established in the Euro group. This is necessary, apart of controlling any country not to take advantage of such a favorable arrangement,  to control and direct the economies of all members in a direction to stabilize the economy of E.U. In case the ECB has no such juristiction, a decision must be taken quickly and establish such a jurisdiction for the ECB As for the financial  competence of the ECB there will be no problem, because the buy and sell bonds etc are electronic money and the Euro group countries can always guarantee on behalf of the ECB .
In this way, the Euro group will actually become independent, operate and live beyond the “markets” that are disturbing the economy and at the same time the Euro will survive from the attack of these “markets” who have targeted the elimination of the Euro, so as to more easily control the economy of each country separately, for their own benefit of course. I would be very interested in hearing any objections you or any other may have concerning my recommendation and its feasibility.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter and I am hopeful for your comments and that you will pass it on to the person you think is most appropriate.
Sincerely yours
Nicos Anagnostatos

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